Interior, Exterior House Painting


Interior, Exterior House Painting Calgary

We are committed to delivering the complete solution to all your residential and commercial woes. This includes house painting in Calgary, interior painting in Calgary, exterior painting in Calgary, and more. Our crew is equipped and trained to work at dangerous heights. We insure and bond our entire team to give you the confidence to trust in our expertise.

Apart from delivering stucco painting services we also help improve property value and curb appeal by using materials such as veneer stone in Calgary. we guarantee quality services and the highest grade of materials for your residential or commercial property. Here is what you can expect from our team

  1. Attention to detail

House painting in Calgary requires a thorough understanding of the weather, the home design, the customer’s perception, and the budgetary restrictions involved. At pdn construction, we are well-engaged without customers and the renovation industry giving us the information and experience we need to craft a solid plan that promises a return on investment. Our work with you will include choosing the color, texture, and finish for the paint to be applied to interiors and exteriors. We promise quality at amicable prices even with budgetary restrictions. Our understanding of paints, binders, varnish, tools, and more gives us an advantage that we further share with our customers.

  1. Customized exterior painting

Our experts are familiar with the challenges that exterior painting in Calgary comes with. Exterior painting jobs are larger projects that require trained professionals, proper tools, and the right equipment just to reach areas that are high us or generally difficult-to-reach.

We strongly suggest dry and warm weather for an exterior painting job. The temperatures before the application and after it make a difference to how the paint dries and the oxidation process. Our team is knowledgeable about different paints and their components and thus, will help you with just what you need without disappointing you in the after-drying color.

We have worked with brick stucco, vinyl, cedar, wood trims, and veneer stone exteriors to name a few. Our preparation for each of these materials is customized. These steps involved in preparing the surfaces are what give the exterior paintwork a lasting shelf-life.

  1. Interior painting

Interior painting in Calgary is a little less complicated. However, to deliver visible results and a lasting finish we focus on detail and proper preparation of all interior surfaces. While the interior painting is a flexible job that can be rendered rain or shine, we make sure you are convenient with our work schedule. As our team will be working in your space, we make sure to complete the project on time with as minimal delays as possible.

Once we are done with the preparation and several coats of paint that follow we make sure your home is clean and there is no sign of painters having worked there except freshly painted walls and a completely new look for your home.